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Guiding You to Financial Clarity

Families and Individuals

We develop tailored financial solutions to guide our clients work towards their best life and legacy. Our focus encompasses Accumulation, Spend-Down, Protection and Legacy Design.

Additionally, professionals nearing retirement are many times too busy to do in-depth retirement planning. We work with professionals to make sure all areas of retirement planning are addressed, especially focusing during this phase of their lives on the accumulation of adequate wealth for a comfortable, worry-free retirement.

The transition into retirement can be overwhelming. Furthermore, every insurance agent and broker seems to want to sell you a high-priced annuity loaded with hidden fees and surrender charges. We work with clients to make this transition intelligently over time, using low-cost no-load investments. We also help with the many qualitative and quantitative decisions faced by a retiree.


Trustees have specific duties to fulfill and track.  We make it easy for the trustees we serve to be compliant with these requirements.

The trustees we serve are professional trustees, fiduciaries or non-professional trustees who were designated by a relative.

Health concerns can sometimes lead clients to resign as trustees of their own trust or to name a co-trustee.  We guide clients through these decisions and work with the new trustees as a team that includes the family attorney.

We help clients prepare their successor trustee to someday take on the role of trustee.    

Our experience working with trustees come as a result of Jean-Luc Bourdon's expertise and thought-leadership on eldercare issues.  Trustees and successor trustees are part of what he coined the "protective tribe" seniors need to form around them.